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Barnet General Hospital - Shabbos Room 
שומר שבת
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Barnet, London

Barts Hospital - Shabbos Room 
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Ezra U'Marpeh - Barnet Branch 
שומר שבת
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Cricklewood, London

Ezra U'marpeh - Head Office N16 
שומר שבת
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Stamford Hill, London

Ezra U'Marpeh - Manchester Branch 
שומר שבת
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Salford, Manchester

Gt. Ormond Street Hospital - Shabbos Room 
שומר שבת
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Russell Square, London

Homerton Hospital - Shabbos Room 
שומר שבת
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Hackney, London

Hospital Minicab Service - Shabbos/Yomtov 
שומר שבת
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Stamford Hill, London

Royal Free Hospital - Shabbos Room 
שומר שבת
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Hampstead, London

Royal London Hospital - Shabbos Room 
שומר שבת
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Whitechapel, London

University College London Hospital (UCL) - Shabbos Room  
שומר שבת
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Euston Square, London

Whittington Hospital - Shabbos Room  
שומר שבת
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Archway, London

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Upcoming Events full view
October 26 2014
Finchley Synagogue - Coach Trip to Bath 08:30 Join the Kinloss Community Centre with a day trip to the city of Bath taking place on Sunday October 26th 2014 from 8.30am - 5.00pm and leaving from Finchley Synagogue with guide Rachel Kolsky enjoy the Roman Baths, explore museums & art galleries please bring your own packed lunch cost - £38 members, £45 non-members to book call Shoshi on 020 8346 8551
Lauderdale Rd. Synagogue - Morning of Learning 08:30 Join Senior Rabbi Joseph Dwek & Rabbi Israel Elie to remember Harav Ovadia Yosef o"h on Sunday 26th October 2014 Shacharit - 8.30am followed by breakfast and and guest speakers - Dayan Y Abraham Dayan I Binstock Dayan A David Dayan YY Lichenstein donation - £5 to confirm attendance -
Start your Day the Torah Way 09:10 Sunday 26th October 2014 at 9.10am Shiur given by : Rabbi Michoel Scharf Topic - " Shmitta - How does it affect us ? "
Tzivi Waxman presents " Drifting In The Sand " 20:00 Introduced by Dayan Y Abraham Tzivi Waxman - the internationally renowned sand artist is coming to London. Using only her fingers & sand she creates a wonderful & magical story. the event will take place on Wednesday 22nd October 2014 at 8.00pm prompt and at Hasmonean Girls School Entrance - £10, £15 / For Ladies & girls only for more information call - 07939 973504
October 27 2014
Start your Day the Torah Way 08:30 Monday 27th October at 8.30am / Shiur given by : Rabbi Chaim Rapoport Topic - " Kibud Oviv Rosho : Honouring Sinful Parents
Briefing by the Ukraine’s Charge D’affaires & other experts 18:30 Thousands of Jews are affected by events in the Ukraine where Ukrainians will be going to the polls in a vote that will have ramifications for the country & the Jews. Put your questions to a panel of experts - Andrii Kuzmenko - UK charge d’affaires at the Embassy of Ukraine to the UK Dr David Fishman - Professor of Jewish History, New York Adva Rodogovsky - World Jewish Relief : Ukraine Programmes Manager Dr Rory Finnin - Director Ukraine Studies - Cambridge University to book -
Hasmonean High School for Girls - 6th Form Open Evening 19:00 An Information Evening is taking place at the School on Monday 27th October 2014 from 7.00pm - 9.00pm to register your interest call Mrs Meduna-Scott on 020 8732 3651
Brachot Party for Rosh Chodesh MarCheshvan at Heichal Leah Synagogue 20:00 Ladies ! You are invited to a Brachot Party taking place at the Heichal Leah Shul on Monday 27th October at 8.00pm. The guest speaker will be Rabbi Meir Malka from Israel Blessings for Mezunot, HaGefen, HaAretz, HaAdama & Shehakol which represents Parnasa, Zivug, Fertility, Health & everything else one may ask for for more info call Esti on 07957 628536
Alei Tzion - Evening Aliyah Seminar 20:00 Alei Tzion presents an Aliyah Seminar on Monday 27th October 2014 at 8.00pm Considering Aliyah ? Or want to see whether it’s financially possible ? / Join Marc Reiss & Johny Gross of Mizrahi Tefahot Bank who will help you to understand some of the financial challenges of aliyah, bank accounts, mortgages and general day-to-day finance / for more details contact -
October 28 2014
Start your Day the Torah Way 08:30 Tuesday 28th October at 8.30am Shiur given by : Rabbi Danny Kirsch Topic - " Action Men "
Hasmonean High School for Boys - 6th Form Open Evening 19:00 An Information Evening is taking place at the School on Tuesday 28th October 2014 from 7.00pm - 9.00pm to register your interest call Mrs Meduna-Scott on 020 8732 3651
October 29 2014
Start your Day the Torah Way 08:30 Wednesday 29th October at 8.30am Shiur given by : Rabbi Aaron Springer Topic - " The Chazon Ish on Apikorsim Bizman Hazeh "
Kinloss Lunch & Learn 12:00 New series starting with - 12.00pm : Rabbi Daniel Roselaar speaking on " Discovering the Commentators " 1.15pm : Glen Betzalel speaking on " Ethics of War : A Jewish Perspective / entrance - £5 at the door with a light lunch included for more info call 8349 5267
French Shiur at Anshei Shalom 19:30 taking place at Anshei Shalom Shul on Wednesday 29th October 2014 at 7.30pm speaker - Rav Elie Lemmel (Paris) subject - Entre Contrainter, Interdits, Culpabilite et Rituels 7.30pm - 8.00pm : Arvit & Buffet 8.00pm - 9.30pm : Conference et Questions
JW3 Speaker Series - Mike Milken & John Landis 19:30 Meet leaders & experts in their respective fields giving inspirational conversations, talks & entertainment on Wednesday 29th October 2014 at JW3 and at 7.30pm with Mike Milken - the financier who revolutionised modern capital markets in conversation with John Landis - the legendary film maker
HGSS presents - 2 talks 20:00 taking place at HGSS on Monday 29th October 2014 from 8.00pm - 10.00pm Talk 1 - "Life in the Fast Lane" with Rabbi Malcolm Herman from Seed Talk 2 - "Drowning with Jonah" with Rabbi Rafi Zarum from LSJS to book call Gayle on 020 8455 8126 or email
Hendon Synagogue Ladies Rosh Chodesh Group 20:15 Come and mark our 10th Anniversary milestone with guest speaker - Elana Chesler speaking on " Modelling Positive Traits - Nachmanides View on Parshat Lech Lecha " at Hendon Synagogue on Wednesday 29th October at 8.15pm
October 30 2014
Start your Day the Torah Way 08:30 Thursday 30th October at 8.30am Shiur given by : Rabbi Avi Wiesenfeld Topic - " A Journey through Shmitta "
October 31 2014
Start your Day the Torah Way 08:30 Friday 31st October at 8.30am Shiur given by : Rabbi Pinchos Hackenbroch Topic - " Parsha Theme "
November 3 2014
UJIA present " Tea with Topol " 15:30 UJIA legacies has pleasure in inviting you to an exclusive afternoon with Chaim Topol. Topol will speak about his life and the effect playing Tevye had on his life and career. This will be followed by afternoon tea. taking place on Monday 3rd November 2014 at a NW London venue from 3.30pm - 5.00pm tickets - £15 to book email or call her on 020 7424 6502
The Insiders Guide to Football and the Jews 19:00 with Lord Triesman of Tottenham & David Bernstein CBE in conversation on Monday 3rd November 2014 at Westminster Synagogue, Kent House, Rutland Gardens, SW7 1BX 7.00pm - Reception, 7.30pm - In Conversation Admission - £20 / to book -
November 4 2014
Yeshiva & Sem Fair 18:30 The annual Yeshiva & Sem Fair will take place on Tuesday 4th November 2014 from 6.30pm to 9.00pm at the Hasmonean Girls High School, Page Street. The Fair is supported by the UJIA, Bnei Akiva & the Jewish Agency
St Johns Wood Synagogue - Judaism Alive 19:30 Tuesday 4th November 2014 programme - 7.40pm - Canapes reception 8.00pm - Sir Malcolm Rifkind : "The Future is not what it used to be" 8.50pm - Tea in the Wood 9.10pm - Niklas Frank : Son of the Nazi Governor of Poland 10.00pm - End
November 5 2014
Jewish Care Presents - Topland Business Lunch 12:00 The 27th annual Topland Business Lunch is taking place at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Tuesday 5th November with guest speaker - Sir Stuart Rose Reception - 12pm, Lunch - 12.30pm / cost - £175 to book or for more details call Charlotte Fisher on 8922 2814
Chabad House of Hendon presents Rabbi Dr Laibl Wolf 19:30 Rabbi Dr Wolf will be speaking on " Love, Exploitation and Commitment " on Wednesday November 5th at 7.30pm at the Chabad House of Hendon. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on Spirituality, & he lectures in over 70 cities around the world annually to Jewish conventions & conferences. cost - £12 / online - £10 to book call 8202 1600 or
November 6 2014
Aish presents "The Public & Private Rabbi Wein" 20:00 A special lecture by Rabbi Berel Wein in honour of the release of his biography taking place on Thursday 6th November at Aish UK and at 8.00pm for more info call Ruth on 8457 4400 to book -
November 7 2014
United Friday Night Dinner at St Johns Wood Synagogue 19:00 Join hundreds of young Jewish professionals to the highlight of the Friday Night dinners calendar at St Johns Wood Shul. taking place on Friday Night 7th November 2014 at 7.00pm 7.00pm - Friday Night Service 7.45pm - Cocktails & Kiddush cost - £12 early bird US member / £15 standard / £20 non member to book call 020 7286 3838
November 9 2014
Jewish Child’s Day - Party at the Palace 14:00 A fabulous family fun day at Alexandra Palace on Sunday 9th November 2014 from 2pm - 6pm activities include - ice skating, entertainers, mega slide, soft play, arts & crafts zone, bouncy castle, spaceball, side stalls, scalextric, tombola, face painting, football skills, last man standing, gift fair & more....... family ticket for up to 6 people - just £15 to register your interest go to - or
November 12 2014
Central Synagogue presents it’s International Concert Series 19:30 with Jack Liebeck & Danny Driver - Two of the UK’s best -loved musicians & will be exploring and playing music on Jewish themes. and taking place on Wednesday 12th November 2014 at the Central Synagogue and beginning at 7.30pm. tickets - £20 / to book call the Shul on 020 7580 1355 or
LJCC presents - The Borodin Quartet 20:00 taking place on Wednesday 12th November 2014 at 8.00pm at the LJCC The Quartet will be playing music by Borodin, Tchaikowsky & Shostakovich / after the recital there will be a reception to which the audience are invited to meet the members of the Quartet.
November 18 2014
St Johns Wood Synagogue - Judaism Alive 19:30 taking place on Tuesday 18th November 2014 / Programme - 7.40pm - Soup reception 8.00pm - Lord Daniel Finkelstein in conversation with Nicola Loftus 8.50pm - Tea in the Wood 9.10pm - Choice : Dayan I Binstock, Rabbi M Cohen, Rabbi A Scheinfeld, Rachel Vecht, & Film Fest 10.00pm - End
Talking Matters with Rifka David 20:00 " Complementary Approaches to calming anxiety & promoting good health " a talk given by Rivka David - Life coach & hypnotherapist on Tuesday 18th November at 8.00pm / cost - £12.50 to book call 020 8802 9222
LJCC presents - Henry Wermuth : The Man Who Tried to Kill Hitler 20:00 Join us to hear Holocaust survivor Henry Wermuth’s incredible story of courage & heroism Henry will be interviewed by his daughter Ilana Metzger taking place on Tuesday 18th November at the LJCC at 8.00pm
November 23 2014
JC presents " A Taste of Israel " 10:30 A Taste of Israel will bring the very best of Israeli life & leisure to London, and is taking place at JW3 on Sunday 23rd November 2014 from 10.30am - 5.30pm. For the best in Israeli dining to practical tax advice for new immigrants, it’s all covered in this year’s biggest Israel expo. To take part as an exhibitor or for more info email
Torah Vodaas Primary School Gala Dinner 19:30 taking place on Sunday 23rd November 2014 at Allianz Park, Hendon cocktails - 7.30pm dinner - 8.00pm Guests of Honour - Councillors Richard & Alison Cornelius (Leader of Barnet Council) Guest Speaker - Rabbi Shraga Feivel Zimmerman (Gateshead Rov)
Edgware Synagogue - A Musical Extravaganza 19:30 on Sunday 23rd November at 7.30pm With Chaim David Berson, Jonny Turgel, Yossi Schwartz and the Kramer Camerata Compere - Michael Simon In aid of Alyn Hospital & Edgware Synagogue tickets - £25 (unreserved seating) £40 (First 2 rows seating)
November 25 2014
British Friends of the Art Museums of Israel 20:00 Annual Gala Dinner and Auction
November 26 2014
A Taste of Chanukah with Denise Phillips 19:15 This cookery demo will show you how to create Chanukah healthy treats Men & women welcome Price - £40 per person to include a light supper of tasty Chanukah creations taking place at the Central Synagogue W1, on Wednesday 26th November at 7.15pm for more info or to book call 020 7580 1355
December 11 2014
LJCC presents - She’koyakh Klezmer Celebration 20:00 taking place on Thursday 11th December 2014 at 8.00pm at the LJCC. Their exotic sound hails from Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey & the Balkans put together with violin, clarinet, accordian, mandolin, double base, percussion and voice.
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Shiurim List for Sunday full view
time title topic speaker
6:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi Y. Royde
6:00amDirshu Daf HayomHalachaRabbi Dovid Robert
7:05amMesillas YeshariHashkafaRabbi Dovid Rober
7:30amMishna Berura ShHalachaRabbi Black
7:45amMishna Berura ShHalachaRabbi R. Godlewsky
8:30amDerech HashemHashkafaRabbi Dovid Robert
10:25amDaily Morning KoTalmudRabbi Aryeh Leib G
7:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi E. Shneeba
7:45pmInsights into thParshaRabbi R. Godlewsky
9:00pm Gemoro Sukkah STalmudRabbi Mordechai Ro
9:10pmDaily Halacha DiHalachaRabbi Emanuel Patc
9:15pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Zvi Lieberma
9:30pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi A.L. Godlews
10:00pmAmud Yomi ShiurAmud YomiRabbi R. Godlewsky
Omud Yomi Shiur Amud YomiRabbi E. Brunner
7:45amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiMr. Jeffrey Sagal
9:00amKinloss Persian JudaismRabbi Heller
10:30amKinloss Kollel &TalmudRabbi Daniel Rose
10:30amGemorah Shiur atTalmudRabbi Roselaar
10:30amGemoro Shabbos STalmudRabbi Daniel Rose
8:15pmMishlei ShiurTanach Rabbi Schischa
Golders Green-Hendon
6:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi A. Bassous
6:45amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi A. Cohen
6:45amSunday ShiurAmud Yomi Hacham Joe David
7:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi To be advised
8:00amTefillin BreakfaHalachaRabbi MS Ginsbury
8:00amTanach ShiurTanach Reb Yosef Schisc
8:00amTanya ShiurMussarRabbi Gershon Over
8:30amMishna Berurah SHalacha Dayan Y. Abraham
8:45amGemoro Makkos ShTalmudRabbi Y. Greenber
8:45amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi A. David
9:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Shalom Segal & B
9:00amSunday Morning SHalachaRabbi Alan Kimche
9:00amSeder LimmudBeis Medrash Progr Dayan Gelley
9:05amMishna Berurah SHalachaMr. Norman Turner
9:15amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi C. Pearlma
9:15amContemporary HalHalacha Rabbi H. Belovsk
9:25am Dirshu Daf HayoHalachaRav Aharon Jacobs
9:25amSunday Morning CHalachaRabbi Dovid Tugen
10:00amHalacha ShiurHalacha Dayan Y Y Lichte
10:00amChumash Class (TParshaRabbi Moishe Brand
10:00amGemoro Shiur Talmud Rabbi B. Hammer
10:00amChoshen Mishpot Halacha Rabbi Y. Posen
10:15amNesivos Shalom (HashkafaRabbi Reuven Steps
10:30amBoys Gemoro ShiuTalmud Rabbi Rapaport
10:30amMishnayos ShiurMishnayos Rabbi Hager
10:30amStart the Week tParshaRabbi Osher Baddi
10:40amContemporary HalHalacha Rabbi S. Winegar
11:00amJewish MysticismHashkafaRabbi Hillel Grube
11:25amNach ShiurTanach Rabbi S. Winegar
11:30amMishna Brura ShiHalachaRabbi Romi Adler
11:30amSefardi Halacha HalachaRabbi Jonathan Taw
11:30amLadies Who LearnParshaRabbi M. Sufrin
11:35amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi Y. Hager
11:50amDirshu Daf HayomHalachaRabbi Matisyahu La
12:00pmGemoro ShiurTalmudRabbi Hillel Grube
12:15pmPerek Chailek (tHashkafaRabbi Akiva Tatz
12:30pmPearls of Nach &Tanach Mrs. Nancy Ziski
1:00pmParshat HashavuaParsha Rabbi A. Kimche
6:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Alan Kimche
6:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurTalmudRabbi Asher Sebbag
6:25pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi S. Weingart
6:30pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Eli Brunner
6:30pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Dayan Y. Abraham
6:30pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Dayan Y. Abraham
6:30pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Dayan Abraham
7:00pmOmud Yomi Shiur Amud YomiRabbi Yonason Royd
7:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi Y. Heitner
7:05pmDaf Hayomi (EnglDaf YomiMr. S Greenman
7:30pmAmud Yomi ShiurAmud YomiRabbi Shlomo Fresh
7:45pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Chaim Halpe
8:00pmHalocho ShiurHalacha Dayan Gelley
8:00pmGemoro Shabbos STalmudRabbi Doron
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi L Bloch
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M Noe
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Meir Zev Rap
8:00pmOmud Yomi ShiurAmud YomiHarav Chaim Rapopo
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi L. Bloch
8:00pmDaily Gemoro ShiTalmudRabbi Doniel Ohana
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Dovid Halper
8:00pmKolel ErevKollel - Night Chaburah
8:00pmGemoro ShiurTalmudRabbi B. Knopfler
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi R. Chazan
8:00pmChok Yisrael ShiHashkafa Dayan David
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi
8:15pmTanya ShurHashkafaRabbi Shalom Osdo
8:15pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi C. Gilbert
8:15pmMaharal ShiurHashkafaRabbi Y Hartman
8:15pmOmud Yomi Shiur Amud YomiRabbi Yitzchak Fi
8:30pmSunday Night ChaHashkafaRabbi Y. Levenberg
8:30pmMegillas RuthTanach Rabbi Aryeh Fort
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Reb. Mendy Bude
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi YM Friedma
9:00pmChumash Rashi ShParsha Reb Don Kaufman
9:00pmAudio-VisualHashkafaRabbi Yisroel Rei
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Asher Sebbag
9:00pm Sunday HashkafHashkafaRabbi Alan Kimche
9:05pmRambam ShiurMussarRabbi Gershon Over
9:05pmRambam Yomi ShiuHalacha Rabbi G. Overlan
9:45pmDirshu Daf HaYomHalachaRabbi Dovid Tugend
7:25amDaf Hayomi at BaDaf YomiRabbi Barry Lehrer
6:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi C. Rapapor
Stamford Hill
6:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi S. Hirschler
6:15amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M. Rothfeld
6:30amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi S. Reisner
6:30amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y.S. Horowit
7:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y. Grunfeld
7:05amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi A Holles
7:15amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M.Z. Weinber
7:45amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi S Stern
8:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi E. Schechte
8:30amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi D Spitzer
9:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiDr. S. Hochberg
9:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Reb Y.B. Schacte
9:10amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi O.M. Erlange
9:15amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi L Derbaremdi
10:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y. Rosengar
2:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi O.M. Erlange
4:00pmMishna & HalachaMishnayosRabbi Dovid Yaakov
6:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi L. Rakow
6:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi E. Horowitz
6:45pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y.S. Horowit
7:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M. Rothfeld
7:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M.Z. Weinber
7:15pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y M Margulie
7:45pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y. Bengio
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi E. Sekula
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi D. Hager
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi A. Perlman
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi S. Glick
8:30pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y. Tescher
8:45pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Eliezer Zaks
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y. Leifer
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M.D. Rechni
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y. Eichler
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi S.D. Markov
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M. Austerlit
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y. Mayteles
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi J Padwa
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M.S. Meisel
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi L. Baumgarte
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M. Kamionka
9:15pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Avrohom Zons
9:15pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi S Klein
West End
9:15amMagen Ohel AvrahTalmud
Bikur Cholim    please visit full view
Golders Green-Hendon
10:30am-1:30pmMrs. W
48 WC
Sage Nursing Home - Golders Green
11:00am-12:20pm All Residents
Sage Nursing Home - Golders Green
North London
2:30pm-5:00pm Mrs Bunny Rotenberg
Schonfeld Sq
Stamford Hill
10:30am-1:25pm All Resdents
Schonfeld Square Care Homes / Beis Pinchos Nursing Home - Stamford Hill
London's Zmanim
London Weather
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