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Beenstock Home 
שומר שבת
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Salford, Manchester

Heathlands Village 
שומר שבת
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Prestwich, Manchester

Langdon College 
שומר שבת
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Salford , Manchester

Morris Feinmann Home 
שומר שבת
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Didsbury, Manchester

Parklands Care Centre 
שומר שבת
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Salford, Manchester

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Upcoming Events full view
October 2 2014
Start your Day the Torah Way 08:30 Thursday 2nd October 2014 at 8.30am / Shiur given by : Rabbi Binyomin Grun Topic - " Understanding the Mitzvah of Vidui "
LJCC presents an evening with Howard Jacobson 20:00 in conversation with Gerald Jacobs and taking place on Thursday 2nd of October 2014 at 8.00pm at the LJCC tickets - £15 / to book call LJCC on 8457 5000 or Howard Jacobson is a Booker prize winner, TV presenter & author, and will be talking to the Literary Editor of the JC - Gerald Jacobs, about his life & his new novel " J "
October 3 2014
Start your Day the Torah Way 08:30 Friday 3rd October 2014 at 8.30am / Shiur given by : Rabbi Shimshon Silkin Topic - " Yom Kippur : Time to Step Up "
October 6 2014
Tikun presents " New Year, New You " 20:15 Prepare for the year ahead by discovering a you 5774 years in the making ! come to these shiurim at Tikun on the Monday 6th October 2014 8.15pm - Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt : " Happiness : Is it Within Our Reach ? " 9.15pm - Rabbi Yosef Solomon : " Sukkot : Balance and Organic Growth " for more information call 020 8912 1217
October 7 2014
LJCC presents - Chasing Tycoons with Tom Bower 20:00 Robert Maxwell, Mohammed Al-Fayed, Richard Desmond, Richard Branson & others Tom Bower is an investigative historian, a TV producer & journalist and will talk about these fascinating, controversial and often illusive figures on Tuesday 7th October 2014 at 8.00pm entrance - £12 pre-booked or £15 on the day
October 8 2014
Central Synagogue - Sukkah Dinner 18:15 Central Synagogue invite you to a festive communal dinner in the Shul Sukkah on Wednesday 8th October 2014 / 1st Night Sukkot Mincha & Kabbolas Yomtov at 6.15pm followed by the dinner cost - £25 / to book call the Office on 020 7580 1355
St Johns Wood Synagogue - Annual Sukkah Dinner 19:15 Taking place in the Shack Family Sukkah on Wednesday 8th October 2014 at 7.15pm cost : Members - £30, Non-Members - £35 / after 1st October price increases by £5 to book call the Office - 020 7286 3838
October 14 2014
HGSS presents - Who do you think you are ? 10:30 Come and learn about the computer programmes that will help you get started with Geneology and Family History on Tuesday 14th October 2014 at the HGSS at 10.30am to book call Gayle on 8455 8126 or
HGSS presents - Chapati in the Hutty 19:30 Rabbi & Freda Kaplan invites Young Adults for Indian delights in the Sukkah with Guest Speaker - Adrian Cohen of Clifford Chance taking place on the 14th October 2014 at 7.30pm at 8 Norrice Lea, N20 0RE entrance - £20 members, £25 non-members book by 8th October / to book call Gayle on 8455 8126
October 21 2014
HGSS presents Sedra, Soup & Sandwiches 12:30 Join Rabbi Kaplan for some insights into the weekly parsha with lunch on Tuesday 21st October 2014 at 12.30pm and located in the Shul library.
October 22 2014
Talking Matters with Nili Segal 20:00 " Working with Anxious Children through Art Psychotherapy " a talk given by Nili Segal - registered art therapist at Talking Matters on Wednesday 22nd October at 8.00pm / cost - £12.50 to book call 020 8802 9222
October 24 2014
Chief Rabbi’s Shabbat UK 19:00 Inviting all Jews to celebrate Shabbat
October 25 2014
Chief Rabbi’s Shabbat UK 09:00 Inviting all Jews to celebrate Shabbat
October 29 2014
HGSS presents - 2 talks for Yom Kippur 20:00 taking place at HGSS on Monday 29th September 2014 from 8.00pm - 10.00pm Talk 1 - "Life in the Fast Lane" with Rabbi Malcolm Herman from Seed Talk 2 - "Drowning with Jonah" with Rabbi Rafi Zarum from LSJS to book call Gayle on 020 8455 8126 or email
November 5 2014
Jewish Care Presents - Topland Business Lunch 12:00 The 27th annual Topland Business Lunch is taking place at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Tuesday 5th November with guest speaker - Sir Stuart Rose Reception - 12pm, Lunch - 12.30pm / cost - £175 to book or for more details call Charlotte Fisher on 8922 2814
November 18 2014
Talking Matters with Rifka David 20:00 " Complementary Approaches to calming anxiety & promoting good health " a talk given by Rivka David - Life coach & hypnotherapist on Tuesday 18th November at 8.00pm / cost - £12.50 to book call 020 8802 9222
November 25 2014
British Friends of the Art Museums of Israel 20:00 Annual Gala Dinner and Auction
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Shiurim List for Thursday full view
time title topic speaker
6:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi Y. Royde
6:00amDirshu Daf HayomHalachaRabbi Dovid Robert
6:20amMishna Berura ShHalachaRabbi R. Godlewsky
10:25amDaily Morning KoTalmudRabbi Aryeh Leib G
7:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi E. Shneeba
7:45pmInsights into thParshaRabbi R. Godlewsky
7:50pmGemoroh KidushinTalmudMr. David Rabson
8:00pmNach ShiurTanachRabbi Zvi Lieberm
8:00pmMaharal ShiurHashkafaRabbi Dovid Rober
8:00pmKitzur Shulchan HalachaMr. Alan Morheim
8:00pmGemara Shiur TalmudRabbi Mendel Lew
8:00pmMishna Berurah SHalachaRabbi Abecassus
8:05pmDaas Tevunos ShiHashkafa Mordechai Rose
8:30pmGemoroh ShiurTalmudRabbi A Lewis
8:45pmGemoro ShiurTalmudRabbi Elchonon Fre
9:00pmRamchal / DaHashkafaRabbi Mordechai Ro
9:10pmDaily Halacha DiHalachaRabbi Emanuel Patc
9:15pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Zvi Lieberma
9:30pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi A.L. Godlews
9:30pmGemoro Sukkah ShTalmudRabbi YB Lieberman
9:30pmHalacha ShiurHalachaRabbi Z Marmorstei
10:00pmAmud Yomi ShiurAmud YomiRabbi R. Godlewsky
10:20pmMachshava ShiurHashkafaRabbi YB Lieberman
10:40pmChumash ShiurParshaRabbi R. Godlewsky
7:45amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiMr. Jeffrey Sagal
1:45pmOmud Yomi Shiur Amud YomiRabbi E. Brunner
6:45pmDaf Yomi (EnglisDaf YomiMr. Jeffrey Sagal
9:00pmKinloss Kollel &ParshaRabbi Leibish Hel
Golders Green-Hendon
Daf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi A. Cohen
6:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi To be advised
6:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi A. Bassous
6:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Shlomo Baumg
6:15amEarly Morning ChKollel - MorniRabbi Ilan Halbers
6:30amKollel BokerKollel - Morning Dayan Menachem G
6:30amShulchan Oruch SHalachaMr. Daniel Klein
6:30amEarly Bird DailyTalmudRabbi Leslie Solom
7:05amMini Halacha ShiHalachaRabbi S Winegarten
7:15amTefilloh ShiurPrayerMr. Yossi Halberst
7:45amMishnayos ShiurMishnayos Judge Martin Zim
7:50amShiur at AishTalmudRabbi J. Roodyn
8:00amTanya ShiurMussarRabbi Gershon Over
8:00amSedra Insights SBeis Medrash ProgrRabbi D. Kirsch
8:15amGemoro ShiurTalmudRabbi Alan Kimche
8:30amHalacha Shiur atHalachaRabbi J. Roodyn
8:45amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi A. David
8:45amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi to be advised
9:15amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi C. Pearlma
9:25am Dirshu Daf HayoHalachaRav Aharon Jacobs
10:00amBaalei Batim SedParshaRabbi J. Pearlman
11:00amChumash Rashi ShParsha Rabbi Y. Fiersto
11:15amGemoro Bavah KamTalmud Rabbi J. Hager
11:50amDirshu Daf HayomHalachaRabbi Matisyahu La
12:40pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi S. Winegarte
1:00pmWeekly Parsha ShParsha Rabbi E. Mirvis
6:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurTalmudRabbi Asher Sebbag
6:25pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi S. Weingart
6:30pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Eli Brunner
6:30pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Dayan Y. Abraham
6:30pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Dayan Y. Abraham
6:30pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Dayan Abraham
6:35pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi Y. Hager
7:00pmGemoro ShiurTalmudRabbi B. Knopfler
7:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi Y. Heitner
7:00pmOmud Yomi Shiur Amud YomiRabbi Yonason Royd
7:05pmDaf Hayomi (EnglDaf YomiMr. S Greenman
7:30pmAmud Yomi ShiurAmud YomiRabbi Shlomo Fresh
7:40pmHashkofo ShiurHashkafa Different Rabbon
7:40pmKitzur ShiurHalachaMr. Gerald Lewin
7:45pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Chaim Halpe
7:45pmBeis Hamedrash NMishnayosRabbi Leslie Solo
8:00pmGemoro Shiur (YiTalmudRabbi Pinchas Robe
8:00pmKolel ErevKollel - Night Chaburah
8:00pmNight Kollel at HalachaRabbi Yosef David
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi L. Bloch
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Dovid Halper
8:00pmThe Living TorahParshaRabbi Moishe Brand
8:00pmDaily Gemoro ShiTalmudRabbi Doniel Ohana
8:00pmOmud Yomi ShiurAmud YomiHarav Chaim Rapopo
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Meir Zev Rap
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi L Bloch
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M Noe
8:00pmGemoro Shabbos STalmudRabbi Doron
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi R. Chazan
8:00pmChok Yisrael ShiHashkafa Dayan David
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi
8:15pmOmud Yomi Shiur Amud YomiRabbi Yitzchak Fi
8:15pmChabura ShiurTalmudRabbi Marcel Bordo
8:15pmGemoro Makkos ShTalmudRabbi Y. Greenber
8:15pmChumash Rashi ShParshaRabbi S. Winegarte
8:15pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi C. Gilbert
8:30pmParshat HashavuaParshaRabbi Bassous
8:30pmGemoro ShiurTalmud Rabbi M. Ginsbur
8:30pmMaster Gemoro BeTalmudRabbi Ilan Halbers
8:30pmGemara KiddushimTalmudRabbi Ilan Halbers
8:50pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Shalom Segal & B
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Alan Kimche
9:00pmChumash Rashi ShParsha Reb Don Kaufman
9:00pmParsha ShiurParsha Dayan Y. Abraham
9:00pmChumash Rashi ShParshaRabbi Shlomo Fresh
9:00pmAdvanced Talmud TalmudRabbi Reuven Steps
9:00pmIntermediate TalTalmudRabbi Zecharia Res
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Reb. Mendy Bude
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi YM Friedma
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Asher Sebbag
9:00pmParsha ShiurParsha Dayan Yonasan Abr
9:00pmTopical Gemoro STalmudRabbi Ilan Rapopor
9:05pmRambam ShiurMussarRabbi Gershon Over
9:15pmDayan's ShiurBeis Medrash Progr Dayan M. Gelley
9:45pmDirshu Daf HaYomHalachaRabbi Dovid Tugend
9:00amMishna Berurah SHalachaRabbi Bondilovsky
12:00pmLunchtime Shiur ParshaRabbi Barry Lerer
6:40pmDaf Hayomi at BaDaf YomiRabbi Barry Lehrer
9:00pmParsha ShiurParsha Reb Lazer Rotten
6:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi C. Rapapor
8:00pmGemoroh ShiurTalmud Rabbi G. Hyman
Stamford Hill
6:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi S. Hirschler
6:15amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Reb Y. Sufrin
6:15amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M. Rothfeld
6:30amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y.S. Horowit
6:30amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi S. Reisner
7:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y. Grunfeld
7:05amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi A Holles
7:15amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M.Z. Weinber
7:45amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi S Stern
8:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi E. Schechte
8:30amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi D Spitzer
9:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Reb Y.B. Schacte
9:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiDr. S. Hochberg
9:10amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi O.M. Erlange
9:15amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi L Derbaremdi
10:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y. Rosengar
2:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi O.M. Erlange
6:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi L. Rakow
6:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi E. Horowitz
6:45pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y.S. Horowit
7:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M. Rothfeld
7:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M.Z. Weinber
7:15pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y M Margulie
7:45pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y. Bengio
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi S. Glick
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi E. Sekula
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi D. Hager
8:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi A. Perlman
8:30pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y. Tescher
8:45pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Eliezer Zaks
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y. Leifer
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M.D. Rechni
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y. Eichler
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi S.D. Markov
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M. Austerlit
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi L. Baumgarte
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M. Kamionka
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M.S. Meisel
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y. Mayteles
9:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi J Padwa
9:15pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Avrohom Zons
9:15pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi S Klein
West End
1:15pmWeekly Sedra TopParshaRabbi M. Nissim
Bikur Cholim    please visit full view
Golders Green-Hendon
10:30am-1:30pmMrs. W
48 WC
11:00am-12:00pm 3 different Ladies
Highfield Gardens
11:00am-12:20pm All Residents
Sage Nursing Home - Golders Green
North London
2:30pm-5:00pm Mrs Bunny Rotenberg
Schonfeld Sq
Stamford Hill
10:30am-1:25pm All Resdents
Schonfeld Square Care Homes / Beis Pinchos Nursing Home - Stamford Hill

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