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Agudas Yisroel Employment Office - N16 
שומר שבת
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Stamford Hill, London

Agudas Yisroel Employment Office - NW11 
שומר שבת
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Golders Green, London

Parnosoh Jobs 
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Upcoming Events full view
July 31 2015
Start your Day the Torah Way 08:30 Friday 31st July at 8.30 am - 9.00 am / Shiur given by : Rabbi Shraga Kallus Topic - " Parsha Theme "
August 1 2015
Ner Shabbat Shiur for Ladies 18:30 The Ner & Hendon Synagogue Shabbat Afternoon Shiur for Ladies will take place this Shabbat 1st August 2015 at 6.30pm at Ner Yisrael. The Shiur will be given by Daniel Greenberg and is entitled - " Parking & Speeding - The Halachot of Traffic Offences " All ladies welcome
Edgware United Shabbat Summer Lectures 18:30 The Shabbat afternoon lecture will take place on Shabbat 1st August 2015 with Rabbi G Bazak speaking on - 3rd Chapter of Pirkei Avot : Dialogue with Heretics Mincha - 6.00pm. Lecture - 6.30pm
August 2 2015
Jewish Care - Social Evening for Singles (50+) 19:30 The Jewish Care Sobellers present a social evening for single people (50+) on 2nd August 2015 at 7.30pm with music, conversation & light refreshments. tickets - 10 in advance / to book call Fiona on 020 8922 2900
August 4 2015
Jewish Care - Visit to Frogmore House 12:05 Visit to Frogmore House near Windsor taking place on Tuesday 4th August 2015 departing at 12.05pm and returning at 6.15pm also a visit to the Saville Garden in Windsor Great Park cost - 42.50 inc. tea / to book call Elizabeth on 8922 2192
August 5 2015
Edgware United Toristas 20:30 Toristas - Women exploring Torah together and taking place on Wednesdays at 8.30pm in the Edgware United Synagogue Beit Hamedrash with Rabbi Lister. Programme : 5th August 2015 - Kitchen kashrut disasters and how to sort them followed by celebration Met Su Yan dinner to mark the end of the series. to come call Rabbi Lister on 8958 5320 or email -
August 16 2015
Golders Green Synagogue - Summer BBQ 19:30 The Summer BBQ will take place on Sunday 16th August 2015 at 19:30 and is for young professionals and young parents. location - 1a The Vale NW11 / cost - 15 ( book & pay by 9th August) for more information or to book email -
December 24 2015
Pardes House 60th Anniversary Dinner 20:00 The Pardes House Primary School 60th Anniversary Gala Dinner will take place on Motzei Shabbos 24th January 2015 Guests of Honour - Mr & Mrs Jackie Stimler Guest Speaker - Mr Ari Schonbrun more details to follow
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Shiurim List for Friday full view
time title topic speaker
Daf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Zvi Lieberma
Sedra ShiurParshaRabbi Zvi Lieberma
6:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Yonason Royd
6:00amDirshu Daf HayomHalachaRabbi Dovid Robert
6:20amMishna Berura ShHalachaRabbi R. Godlewsky
10:25amDaily Morning KoTalmudRabbi Aryeh Leib G
7:00pmSedra InsightsParsha Olie Yisroel Har
8:15pmParsha InsightsParsha Kollel Beis Ahar
7:45amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiMr. Jeffrey Sagal
Golders Green-Hendon
Rambam ShiurMussarRabbi Gershon Over
Daf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi A. Cohen
Daf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Dayan Y. Abraham
6:00amAmud Yomi ShiurAmud Yomi Reb Sholom Segal
6:00amGemoro Pesochim TalmudRabbi Yossi David
6:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Eli Brunner
6:00amOmud Yomi Shiur Amud Yomi R' Sholom Segal
6:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi A. Bassous
6:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Shlomo Baumg
6:05amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Avremi Blau
6:15amEarly Morning ChKollelRabbi Ilan Halbers
6:30amKollel BokerKollel - Morning Dayan Menachem G
6:30amEarly Bird DailyTalmudRabbi Leslie Solom
7:05amMini Halacha ShiHalachaRabbi S Winegarten
7:30amTefilloh ShiurPrayerMr. Yossi Halberst
7:50amShiur at AishTalmudRabbi J. Roodyn
7:55amMishnayos ShiurMishnayos Judge Martin Zim
8:00amParsha of the WeParsha Dayan David
8:30amHalacha Shiur atHalachaRabbi J. Roodyn
8:45amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Avremi Blau
8:45amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Avremi Blau
9:15amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi C. Pearlma
9:25am Dirshu Daf HayoHalachaRav Aharon Jacobs
10:30amDirshu Daf HayomHalachaRabbi Matisyahu La
12:40pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi S. Winegarte
8:00pmFriday Night WohParsha Various Speakers
6:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Rabbi C. Rapapor
Stamford Hill
6:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi S. Hirschler
6:15amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M. Rothfeld
6:15amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Reb Y. Sufrin
6:30amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi S. Reisner
7:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y. Grunfeld
7:05amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi A Holles
7:15amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi M.Z. Weinber
7:45amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi S Stern
8:30amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi D Spitzer
9:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf Yomi Reb Y.B. Schacte
9:10amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi O.M. Erlange
9:15amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi L Derbaremdi
9:15amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y. Eichler
10:00amDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi Y. Rosengar
2:00pmDaf Hayomi ShiurDaf YomiRabbi O.M. Erlange
Bikur Cholim    please visit full view
Golders Green-Hendon
11:00am-12:20pm All Residents
Sage Nursing Home - Golders Green
North London
2:30pm-5:00pm Mrs Bunny Rotenberg
Schonfeld Sq
Stamford Hill
10:30am-1:25pm All Resdents
Schonfeld Square Care Homes / Beis Pinchos Nursing Home - Stamford Hill

Sof Zman Kiddush Levanoh: Friday 10:01 25 + 7 Chalakim
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